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On being addicted to Instagram: “It was the most addictive thing. Every morning I’d wake up and there would be a thousand more followers or whatever and there would be these amazing greetings like ‘Welcome! We love you!’ I’d be inflated by this nonexistent, intangible love. I was like, ‘I need to get off this.’ ”

On social media: “Ultimately it leaves you feeling incredibly lonely. I know friends who are prolific on social media, and it gives them a lot of anxiety. That level of exposure. . . .”

On overcoming a perception problem in Hollywood: “It’s undeniable that I did have a reputation as someone who was a little bit wild, maybe; not with anyone I worked with. I was never late to work, and when I was on set, I was very professional. But . . . I think for a while, my public perception was a hard thing to overcome because people had such a strong preconceived idea of who I was.”


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