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Reese Witherspoon For Elle UK

Reese on love: ‘It’s an exciting feeling. [Somebody saying], “You’re the one.” And it’s a surprise. You’re surprised somebody wants to be with you because, boy, I’ve got a lot of quirks and wrinkles.’

On her worst trait: ‘I’m a worrier. I worry a lot. I’m in my head a lot… I know it’s bad for me and I know I shouldn’t do it, but I do.’

On the struggles of working in Hollywood: ‘I do think that’s probably the hardest part of the whole business. The judgement and the rejection, constantly. It doesn’t ever stop. Judging. Rejecting. That can really kick ya, you know?’

On appearance: ‘When we start measuring women on their appearance… We’re just too hard on each other. Women need to stop tearing each other apart.’


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Cotton Dress by Emporio Armani. Leather cuff by Hermès.

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