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Linsay Lohan’s Playboy Pictures

Playboy USA - January/February 2012

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  1. Stuart Xland says:

    The ‘homage’ to the original monroe shots is such an overdone concept and has been achieved to a much higher standard by many other photographers and models…sad for the ms lohan that it has not ‘worked’ so well on this occasion….

  2. DSQUARED says:

    wow,wow… beautiful,looks like 18 years old Marilyn.

  3. Radii says:

    It is rare and somewhat aberrant. Not excited, not light my fire :S

    She is beautiful, but the mood is unpleasant to take these photos and his obsession with Monroe. In short, it’s not his style and she needed to really explore their own sexuality. Removing the crap she has done, does not it self-esteem?, Is beautiful and would not need another woman to emulate.
    By the way, on the cover of the magazine are obvious his legs short… cutting of shooting or retouching in Photoshop, not miracle haha.

    Poor creature …

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    It’s amazing she still looks that good for a junkie. She is lovely. I wish she’d get her crap together and get back to actin and being the natural talent she is. Any pretty girl can do this, but not every pretty girl has her talent. She needs to drop the rebel crap, unload her leech family and go back to being the spunky redhead that we all fell in love with in Freaky Friday.

  5. April says:

    How sad! The contours of her butt show how thin she really is..its looks like skin stretched over bone..blec! Its really sad she did this. The attention she is craving has lead to drugs, jail and now..this horrible shot. I hope she pulls herself together. She needs to leave California all together and find her real self, that is the only way she’ll survive.

  6. TOM says:

    the MM thing is beat to death by this no talent junkie. She needed to sex this shoot up…but went with safe and it shows. Its not sexy….just sad.

  7. PaminAz says:

    She really is a beautiful girl, that goes without question. I’m hoping that she maybe she will realize that after seeing these pictures and make a difference in her life in 2012. I wish her all the luck in the world.

  8. Atheist Realist says:

    Poor Linsay. She is beautiful yes… like most chicks walking down the street are. All these photos show is how average and normal she is. At least she didnt plasticize her boobs, I like the natural way they are. Ditto I’m glad she didnt tan her white skin and spoil it, she is displaying that lovely smooth whiteness.

    But, honestly, guys – look around the bar. Lotttts of girls look like this!

  9. I suppose it was inevitable for her to pose for Playboy. I don’t blame her. Takes no effort to get nekked and put on a wig. Soft porn is’nt a big deal in society today. It won’t ruin her reputationor carreer. She’s got a decent body, but would’nt be there if it were’nt for her celebrity and recent bad behavior. Make the easy money while she can because it’s likely to be downhill from here. It’s kinda sad, really. Is she a crazy chick with personality disorder, or just a young person partying too hard without someone to tell her to cool it and get it together. Time will tell. Playboy is one thing but if it deteriorates to getting paid to suck, f***, and get cummed on, I’m afraid its over for her.

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