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Fashion-Celebrities and their eye colours, coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses have become so easily available at great prices, so it’s no surprise that they are being used as a fashion accessory to change a look and add some drama. Celebrities have been using contact lenses for a long time to freshen up their look, and being photographed constantly means they have to not only look their best, but also vary their looks and ensembles to give us all something to talk about. Paris Hilton is never seen without her blue coloured contact lenses, although her natural eye colour is rumoured to be brown. Paris’ lenses are quite obvious because although she wears them all the time and evidently prefers them to be her regular eye colour, they are quite a bright blue and have a black rim around the edge for extra pop and wow factor.

Amber Rose, former girlfriend of Kanye West, and a model and socialite is often seen wearing outrageous eye colours which match her distinctive sense of style. She has closely cropped platinum blonde hair and glowing skin, and she has been seen wearing colours such as a very pale blue which really makes her stand out from the crowd with a larger than life look. Lenses like these are easily available on websites such as Get Lenses with or without prescription.

Some celebrities use contact lenses to enhance their work such as actors and actresses. Angelina Jolie went from her natural blue/green eye colour to brown for her role in Salt, which succeeded in altering her appearance and aiding her transformation as an actress. Both Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson used coloured contact lenses to make their vampire characters become larger than life and more believable as the un-dead.

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