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Different Types of Bras

Do you know your balconnet from your plunge bra? Your half cup from your full cups? Who would have thought that the world of bras could be such a complicated business? But here is a helping hand to guide you through your lingerie shopping with the most popular bras explained.

A balconnet bra is usually underwired, has wide set straps and is of a low, horizontal cut across the chest. They are usually designed using lace or silk material are great for creating a fuller looking bust by lifting the breasts upwards but not squeezing them together. These are considered one of the sexiest types of bras available and are sure to give yourself and your partner a little treat.

Half Cup bras are similar to the balconnet only the cut is much lower. Both create the same rounded shape, both can be worn with low-cut tops and both render the wearer with a sexy, smoking hot look.

Full Cup bras provide full coverage which is ideal for the bigger busted ladies out there. The straps are more centralized than the demi and balconnet bras which gives extra support and comfort.

A plunge bra is a popular choice for those wanting to create a cleavage and/or intend on showing off their cleavage with a low top. The V shape cut creates a cleavage and gives support by holding the breasts in place lifting from the side.

For more practical bras there is the seamless option which create smooth lines with no lumps or bumps; perfect for wearing under anything tight and for daytime comfort, the soft cup bra which uses elastic rather than underwiring and is used mainly for comfort for everyday use and finally the strapless bra; ideal for alleviating strap marks when you want to wear something that reveals shoulders.

Each different type of bra is as important as the other but the most crucial factor is making sure you are wearing the right size; a professional bra fitting will make sure your boobs look their best in any style. It’s always useful to take a look at a range of cheap bras to find one that suits your requirements. Websites such as offer a wide range for you to take a look at to find a style that’s best for you.

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